Company profile

Shenzhen future security technology Co., Ltd.

It was established on March 1, 2011 with a registered capital of RMB 35 million. Shenzhen future and its subsidiaries Hefei future computer technology development Co., Ltd., Guizhou cloud future security technology Co., Ltd. and Chongqing cloud future information technology Co., Ltd. form the future technology group (hereinafter referred to as "future technology"), striving to provide more customers with high-quality services.

Since its inception, the future of science and technology in line with the "science and technology people-oriented, science and technology services to people" idea, in various fields, using its own technical advantages to provide customers with the best quality service, has been widely praised. But the future people are not satisfied with the great achievements in the field of system integration, but concentrate on how to provide better, more convenient and more intimate services for more customers. Based on this consideration, the "core hero" series products came into being. This series includes three products: Internet of things security terminal, intelligent encryption card machine and intelligent door magnetic alarm. The three products can not only provide better protection and service for the original enterprises and government users in the field of Internet of things security in the future, but also apply their own cutting-edge Internet of things security technology in the industry to the daily life of every ordinary user, so that this technology can be applied Technology can protect more ordinary people's Internet of things security terminal, let each user enjoy the convenience of the Internet of things world at the same time get more professional security.

"Future core, more assured" we believe that with the future strong security technology "core", every product in the future can make more users enjoy convenience under the premise of absolute security. Whether it's government customers, enterprise users, or individual consumers, for the future of science and technology, it will always be the one with the most "core" protection, so that you can rest assured is our never-ending pursuit!